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One of the products out of the coconut husk is Coco-Peat. Years back peat moss was used in Horticulture etc. But now Coco-Peat has taken its place. This is because Coco-Peat is cheaper than Peat Moss. Furthermore, Coco-Peat has a higher moisture-retaining power, is 100% organic and eco-friendly.



Why Choose Us?

Specialized Company
We are a company engaged in manufacture and export of coconut-based products, Specially for green houses and commercial landscaping.
Delivered on time
Our main aim is to supply the goods to reach the customer the scheduled time.
Employee Recognition
All our employees are skilled and fully trained in all aspects and would be entrusted to any section.
Best Quality Product
With the experience that we possess, it is assured to provide our customers with the best quality with a reliable supervision.
Eco Friendly
All the products are manufacture are biodegradable and as such not harmful for the environment.
Reputed Company
We are reputed company engaged in this field for the last years for providing best products and services.

Our Products

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